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 Welcome Page 

Who are The Madborn ?

About Us

We are a smaller guild containing a great group of mostly veteran players with a wide range of skills and abilities.

Combining strong play with a focus on maintaining a casual and relaxed atmosphere, we allow members to learn & experience raiding and epic content without causing distress.

We are family and couples oriented and understand that sometimes the needs of our families might interrupt our play time, however, we try to limit those occurrences to as few as we possibly can.

Having been around for over six years now, many of us have become very close friends who always look forward to playing with each other and also meeting new people.

Logging in, you will be greeted with a friendly, family-like environment with a great group of people who actually care about each other both in and out of game.

When organizing groups and raids, we try to include as many members as we can to ensure everyone gets to work together as a team as often as possible.

We're always running everything from new builds, to TR's, to epic quests & raiding. We also try to maintain several scheduled "guild" raids (epic and regular) to allow many of our more casual members to have times they can "bank on" for raids they'd like to run.

We're always glad to earn renown and have enjoyed our guild ship so far, but renown grinding is not a focus; instead, we take it as it comes and enjoy what we have at a pace we know we can manage without stressing about it.

Digging a little deeper...

We strongly support our guild Motto's:

"What could possibly go wrong !" and "What's the worst that could happen !"

While raiding, we like to learn as many of the smaller details we can, many times learning things not normally noticed. We strongly focus on team oriented success, resulting in us being quite tactical & technical in nature. Many of our members have a lot of knowledge and are more than willing to share it with others should they ask for help.

We play DDO for the fun of the challenge, not so much for bragging rights; although many of us do have our own personal list of accomplishments in the game acquired over the years. We take it upon ourselves on a regular basis to see just how far we can push ourselves; most times ending up with great success, other times with fantastic (and story worthy) failures ! This results in a good portion of our members who are not only prepared for, but also trained to handle the worst case scenarios ! We always aim to keep cool heads regardless of the situation and obtain our game enjoyment through these types of challenges.

We are very open as to who brings what class and will alter strategies based on what we have in group instead of trying to get the "perfect" group created. Sometimes we end with with some very unique group make-ups which provides various challenges of their own; resulting in teaching everyone how to make the best use of what they're given at hand and making it work to their advantage.

Everyone is considered an equal and everyone's suggestions are not only listened to, but encouraged to be expressed while in group. There is by no means "one way" to accomplish things in game and we're always trying to find new and interesting ways to do things. We aim to take things in stride and try not tend to stress the little things. We fully understand mistakes happen and love the challenge of trying to recover from them !

Though we have members from various timezones, we tend to be more busy in evening times from 5pm to 3am EST with most raiding starting around 10pm EST (sometimes sooner).

There are a lot of great guilds out there that have a lot to offer, but if you're looking for a change in pace and still want to raid on a regular basis, or looking more of a challenge without taking things too seriously, then we may very well be what you're looking for.

Finally, some quick requirements:

- Many of us are Veteran players and our play style strongly reflects this. However, we also try to create a relaxed environment for learning at the same time. Please be willing to have people in group that may still learning the "tricks of the trade".

- Although a reasonable amount of in-game skill & knowledge from you would be a great asset; being a good listener, team player, quick thinker and willing to learn through suggestions (and mistakes!) makes all the difference in the world. We look at you as a person, not as what you have accomplished.

- Many of us have been in game a long time and thus have a lot of alts. Having several high level characters of various classes will certainly provide you a better experience in guild.

- Quality over quantity. We will require some in game time with you before recruiting to make sure our styles match. We use a private channel to allow people to keep in touch during this time.

- Being F2P/Premium is fine, but please note that we may not limit our quest/raid choices based on your not having access to the content we wish to run at the time.

- In case it is a personal requirement of yours, we do not have vent (or any external voice system) and do not plan on using one. The usage of in-game voice is not required, but we do try to encourage it as it makes communication easier.

Finding Us:

If you want to catch us in raids, we can be found raiding most Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday evenings starting around 10PM EST.

The remaining days lean toward running smaller groups in both Heroic and Epic quests. If you're looking for a smaller group to hang out with, these nights would work best for you.

If you're interested, feel free to contact any of the officers listed below in game, or grab any member from The Madborn, and they will be more than happy to get you in contact an officer.


Searros (Most of my alts are listed below in my signature)

All new Guild Members will be placed on a 30 day trial. We want to get to know you and see how well you mesh with the group. If by chance you decide we are not right for you, we will not hold any ill will against you. The same holds true if we decide that you are not for us.

 Upcoming Events 



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